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Mary Howe
Community Partner, Admirer, Supporter, 10 Years

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The total I've raised pays for:
  • 1 year of support
  • and 1 housing assistance
  • and 3 school applications


Anonymous, friend$10010/29/2009
Hell has officially frozen over. And I just saw a pig flying through the air.
Caycee Cullen, Friend$25San Francisco, CA10/30/2009
You can do it. You are one of the strongest people I know.
Alice Asher, Friend$100San Francisco, CA10/30/2009
Joy Rucker, Friend$50Oakland, CA10/30/2009
You go girl Peace Joy
Jennifer Daly, Friend$20San Francisco, CA10/30/2009
Wow. You go! Now, I really will have no one to have my cheating smoke with. Good luck and call me if you need some advice from a sort of X smoker.
Caroline Maroten, Friend$25San Francisco, CA11/02/2009
You rock Mary! I am so excited that I won't have to do cigarette runs for you anymore at exchange :) You are amazing and you are going to do this! Love always, Original Africa
Anonymous, Friend$10011/03/2009
There are many that I miss having sent my last one out a car window sparking along the road one night, years ago. The heralded one, of course: after sex, the two glowing tips now the lights of a single ship; at the end of a long dinner with more wine to come and a smoke ring coasting into the chandelier; or on a white beach, holding one with fingers still wet from a swim. How bittersweet these punctuations of flame and gesture; but the best were on those mornings when I would have a little something going in the typewriter, the sun bright in the windows, maybe some Berlioz on in the background. I would go into the kitchen for coffee and on the way back to the page, curled in its roller, I would light one up and feel its dry rush mix with the dark taste of coffee. Then I would be my own locomotive, trailing behind me as I returned to work little puffs of smoke, indicators of progress, signs of industry and thought, the signal that told the nineteenth century it was moving forward. That was the best cigarette, when I would steam into the study full of vaporous hope and stand there, the big headlamp of my face pointed down at all the words in parallel lines. (by Billy Collins)
Shannon Riley, Friend$50San Francisco, CA11/04/2009
I'll come to your 70th Bday and chain smoke with you! xo, S
Emily Howe, Sister$50Napa, CA11/04/2009
Little sister - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I am so proud of you! I can't wait for your 70th B-Day, I will be there, but I am not smoking with you! I love you!!!!
Melissa Adams, Friend$20Emeryville, CA11/04/2009
wish i could give more! love to you!
Timothy Burke, Friend$50Oakland, CA11/04/2009
I'll be 94 at your party! Can't wait!
Soraya Jenkins, Cousin$25Ladera Ranch, CA11/04/2009
I love you, Nightmare! -Onion
Annamaria Exarchos, Friend$25Walnut Creek, CA11/04/2009
You're amazing Mary. I am blessed to know you. You are a great example of compassion, dedication, and willingness.
Eliza Wheeler, Friend$25Oakland, CA11/05/2009
Traitor. I mean, good job, good luck. I love you old baby and I'm proud of you for taking this brave leap into the unknown world of a nonsmoker. Will you still sit on the wall with me on Sundays while I die a slow death chainsmoking camels with my short natural fingernails?
Sherilyn Adams, Friend$100San Francisco , CA11/05/2009
Mary, You continue to inspire so many of us who do this work. I have no doubt you will reach your goal! Sherilyn
heather choy, Friend$25oakland, CA11/05/2009
quit quit quit!
Tom & Judith Howe, Dad & Mom$25Napa, CA11/06/2009
We probably won't be there for your 70th... but you never know! We love you!
Phoebe Berg, Friend$25Brooklyn, NY11/10/2009
Hey you stole my idea ;0 I'm planning on smoking when I get to 70 as well (how do you think I've made it through the last 3 years smoke free?!). YOU CAN DO IT!!! Just keep your mouth busy at all times with other... ahem... things. I love you bitch.
Corinne Carey, Friend$25Brooklyn, NY11/10/2009
You can totally do this. I'll be thinking about you...
Hilary McQuie, Friend$20Oakland, CA11/10/2009
Why do all yr fundraising campaigns involve physical and mental anguish? May the next one involve an enviable activity!
Lisa Matthews, Friend$25San Francisco, CA11/10/2009
Mary, You are such an inspiration. I have never seen someone like you. You were thrown into a position you'd never held before and were told that you had to single-handedly save two organizations. You are amazing! I'm sure that there will be difficult moments once you actually quit smoking, but I know you can do it.
Whitney Wirt, Friend$25Eureka, CA11/11/2009
you're a gutsy broad. and you are wonderfully(?) stinky.
Robert Thawley$20San Francisco, CA11/13/2009
Benjamin Hayes, Friend$50San Francisco, CA11/17/2009
Donald Grove, Friend$25New York, NY11/17/2009
You want money to quit smoking? Whore!
Laura Thomas, Friend$50San Francisco, CA11/17/2009
You go!
Lauren Enteen, unwavering wooer of ms. howe$25San Francisco, CA11/17/2009
Mary Howe, you without cigarettes is like peanut butter without the jelly, like unicorns without rainbows, like brad without angelina--silly. But I support your decision and want you to grow old and strong and surly. Cheers lady, and to finding you another vice!
shoshanna scholar, friend$50los angeles, CA11/17/2009
go mary!!!!!!!! we're going somewhere good in february. xoox gabriel and ben love you, too.
Suzanne Ko, Friend$25Brooklyn, NY11/17/2009
Mary Howe. Best fundraiser ever. Way better than a stinkin' marathon. Although if you achieve lung capacity for that, I'd totally wait by the side of the road and cheer you on too.
Martha Montgomery, friend$40San Francisco, CA11/17/2009
this is going to ratchet up the crazy in that tiny little room on fridays, and i can't wait. you are a modern miracle mary howe.
Jennifer Lorvick, Friend$25San Anselmo, CA11/17/2009
Shut the fuck up already, you whiner! love, Jennifer
Aaron Braunstein, Long-suffering sibling$50San Jose, CA11/18/2009
Jesus Christ, just shut the hell up and stop smoking already will ya? What's with all the drama?
Peter Geissert, Friend$17Portland, OR11/18/2009
I must admit, it is with no little concern that I support this campaign. After many years of watching, with a sense of wonder that borders on mysticism, as Mary transmutes coffee and tobacco smoke into boundless energy, I worry for the future. As a society we are all moving toward green energy, and Mary might find a new fuel for the dynamo; wheat grass perhaps. I will attend your 70th. I may have to take up pipe tobacco and a blazer with patches on the elbows to match my damned eyebrows. Am I still invited? Kudos to you Mary, you kick ass!
Peter Morse, Friend$50Bloomfield Hills, MI11/19/2009
It's a doable goal Mary. Pete had his vices, but smoking was not one of them. Who's to say which will get you first, but no smokes is good for sure. Love, Pete
stacy braunstein, Sister inlaw$25Napa, CA11/19/2009
YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I can't wait to chain smoke one month before my 84th bday!
Kris Nyrop, Friend$25Seattle, WA11/19/2009
best of luck! Maybe someday I'll have the guts to join you...
Carrie Morse, Friend$25Washington, DC11/20/2009
Mary - you are amazing and I have no doubt you can do this. It's prolly gonna be tough, but you're one of the strongest people I know, so you'll conquer this! I look forward to your 70th birthday party...! I (heart) you tons! Love, Carrie
Erin Antunez$25San Francisco, CA01/04/2010
Brittany Candell$25San Francisco, CA01/04/2010



I chose this goal because

I have been sucking down cigarettes for almost 17 years. I am turning 30, which I am very excited about. I vowed a long time ago I would quit on my 30th birthday so unfortunately it is time for me to stop. While I don't particularly fear death. I am not a big fan of the idea of dying of lung cancer or having to speak through one of those throat mics. I also like the idea of being able to taste my food, regain my sense of smell (well considering where I work not really), and walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing.

This may well be the worst decision I have ever made in my life. I love smoking, and without it, I will lose my primary reason to wake up every morning as well as my main coping mechanism. I need your help and support.

And, if and when I turn 70, I will resume smoking with a vengeance. I am going to throw a smoking party where all attendees will be forced to chain smoke. If you donate, you will be invited.

I'm helping because

I heart ATC. They are my single favorite organization in the city (aside from my own). They do amazing work with kids on the street, including some of the ones who come to Homeless Youth Alliance. They have had some difficult recent funding setbacks, and need all of the support they can get.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Okay so far Caycee, Alice, Joy, Daly, Caroline(OA), Shannon are officIally invited to my 70th birthday party! Two other anonymous folks can come too, SAVE THE DATE 11/19/2049 We are going to smoke up!

Hilary wrote:

why do all yr fundraising campaigns involve physical and mental anguish? May the next one involve something enviable!

Sham wrote:

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Sandip wrote:

- My dear dear friend look at what you've caeetrd this year! I have loved watching you from the very beginning. And especially now to see how your style has a consistency and a Glady-ness. That photo of Amanda Rae is still my all time favorite from you. Still makes me gasp when I see it. But I HAVE to ask that photo of the girl in the leather jacket with the bright red lips and awesome gold necklace?? WHAT shoot is that from and where and when can I see more of it? It's SO fashion. Love it.

Sandra wrote:

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