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Abigail Nathanson
Volunteer, 2-3 years

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The total I've raised pays for:
  • 1 housing assistance
  • and 3 school applications
  • and 1 food box


Abigail Nathanson, Self$50San Francisco , CA01/24/2010
I guess this means I can propose the first green challenge to myself. Ha!
Laurence Nathanson, Brother$50San Francisco, CA01/25/2010
Ilana Golin, Friend$25Berkeley, CA01/25/2010
Great idea for a campaign! I know $25 buys me the opportunity to propose a green challenge to you, but I have a feeling that you're going to be tougher on yourself than I could be. So I pass my challenge ticket to you, Abs.
Mary Gregory, Friend$25San Francisco, CA01/28/2010
Great campaign, Abby! Here's a challenge: change light bulbs to CFLs wherever possible!
Abby Conover, Friend$50San Francisco, CA01/28/2010
Ab-a-dabba-do! I am very excited to be supporting your green endeavors and always excited to be supporting ATC. I don't really have a green challenge for you, except maybe do you want to eat a lot of green jello and blog about it? Hmmmm, maybe not.
Jodi McIntosh, Aunt$50Granada Hills, CA02/09/2010
Hey, Abs... you go girl! I'm so proud of you! Lovies, Aunt Jodi
Casey Miner, Friend$25Oakland, CA02/10/2010
Hey lady, I tried to leave a comment on your blog. Not sure it worked... but regardless! I wish you luck, and ps, biking at night is actually super-fun as long as you have some bike lights and steer clear of potholes. : )
Todd Donahue, Boyfriend :)$50Oakland, CA02/12/2010
I think it's awesome that you're doing this, and I'm glad to be supporting you in your effort. My challenge to you is... Using eco-friendly art supplies, make one drawing or painting that promotes going green, that could be shared with the world :)
Seth Leonard$25Berkeley, CA02/14/2010
Great work, Abby! My green challenge to you is: for one week, count how many food items you buy that are wrapped in plastic, then report it to everyone else.
Lauren Wechsler, Friend$10Cambridge, MA03/31/2010
Abby!! I oh so wish that I could give more, but I am very proud of green and beautiful you. The SF Green Festival is coming up, and I know that Joni is looking for Clean Money volunteers!! Free chocolate and an opportunity to ensure that environmental groups have a voice! I can email Joni and copy you if you're interested. xoxo. never underestimate the power of seeds of change coffee but as we learned ... cuidado :) • Sat 4/10 - Sun 4/11 SF Green Festival This will be huge. 2-hour shifts, Concourse Exhibition Center, 8th & Brannan. Please look at the shift schedule for our booth to see when would be a convenient time for you. You will get in free on the day you work.
Katherine Davis, Friend$25San Francisco, CA04/20/2010
Abby, I love the blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures :) My green challenge: maybe you could tally up how far all the food you eat in a day (of those foods whose origins are labeled) collectively traveled to get to you? Good luck!!


My goal is to change my daily habits in order to live a greener lifestyle, and capture the experiences in my blog, "It's Not Easy Being Green" at http://noteasybeinggreen-abby.blogspot.com from January through April 2010.

For those of you that donate $25 or more to my campaign, I invite you to propose a "green challenge" for me! It can be anything from daring me to eat only from a farmers market one week to riding my bike more. I will reflect on the experience you request in my blog the week that you donate (or, if many of you are interested in challenging me, the following weeks).

I chose this goal because

This all started the day I turned in my little grey security blanket, aka the Ford I've been driving the past 3 years. I handed over my keys to a tired looking man, signed the final lease payments, and hauled myself up a large hill to take a bus to Bart back across the Bay. After the hour and a half commute to the East Bay I couldn't help but wonder if I had made the right choice. This same trip would have taken half the time in my car! Well, that's the point: It's not easy being green. Changing the environment means changing myself and my daily habits. Ouch.

Until now, I have reached for the low hanging fruit of environmentalism. I recycle, I shop at Whole Foods, I take public transit to work...but, it's time to climb the proverbial tree. I want to stretch my comfort zone more in the way I did giving back my car. Most importantly, I want to think about the environment first with each decision I make.

My vision is strong, my plans are vague, and I see this as an ongoing process with input from you, my support group. So I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback and hopefully getting a few "green challenge" ideas from you! I welcome anyone who would like to join me in this little adventure.

I'm helping because

I'm struck by the disproportionate ways in which impoverished people are subjected to the worst of our environmental crisis. From food to pollution to health, people with the least have to deal with the most. The homeless youth and young adults with whom ATC works are among the folks most impacted by a society that aims for power and pleasure now, and the cost of those things later. As a product of that society, I want to work harder to change my ways.

I believe ATC fills a necessary gap in the social service system by meeting the immediate needs of homeless young people without judging them. ATC is the definition of a successful local, grassroots program and I really admire their integrity and persistence in working with their clients. They are truly among the best in the field.

About At The Crossroads

ATC walks the streets of San Francisco, reaching out to homeless youth and young adults on their turf. We work with young people who others have given up on, who would not get help without us. Since we started 19 years ago, we have worked with more than 7,500 youth, helping them build outstanding lives.


Check out my new blogpost here!


Tim P wrote:

Way to go Abby!

Amirah wrote:

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Mehabe wrote:

Hi Sweetie, thanks so much for the beiutaful comment you left! It means so much to me. I love your blog and I think your image colouring is superb! I'm learning from you too, so thank you. Your Autumn and Winter ATC's are totally fabulous! I love how you did the backgrounds and how you coloured and shaded them so beiutafully. They're perfect! I can see the sparkle on the winter card when I click on the picture for close up and it really adds to the wintery feel, so pretty. I can't wait to see Spring and Summer. Thanks so much again. Big Hugs, Chris x

Andressa wrote:

I know exactly what you mean about danilbbg in lots of things and not sure what direction you want to take. I have finally decided that I am a quilter! I want to make quilts. Jan will tell you I have messed around with lots of things but now I've made the decision I am happy and a lot calmer. I'm even putting all the stuff' I have collected into some boxes and moving them out of my sewing room. If I don't I'll get sidetracked again. Log Cabin for my son is first on the list. I've even cut some trial strips to get started. You'll find which direction you want to go or it may even find you!

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Also, this is an awesome pic of me with a fun beardy guy at the ATC launch party!

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