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Meet the People of At The Crossroads

The ATC Family Staff

Irina Alexander

Irina joined ATC in 2012, after making the big trek from Washington, DC to San Francisco. Irina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. When she’s not at ATC, she’s either planning her costume for next year’s Burning Man or participating in group meditations. She loves Yoga and unicorns, and, even better, unicorns doing yoga. We don’t know why it took her so long to move to California. She was born to live here.

Ivan Alomar

Ivan joined ATC in May 2005 as an Outreach Counselor, and is now our Community Resource Coordinator. Ivan has dedicated his career to working with young people. He has spent the past fifteen years working with at-risk youth in a variety of capacities. For Ivan, working at ATC is somewhat of a homecoming, as he grew up in the Mission, and he is excited to be making an impact in his home community. As a friend of President Clinton and Angie Stone, Ivan also serves as our resident celebrity hook-up.

Corey Brown

Corey joined ATC in 2010 as an AmeriCorps VISTA, taking over the role of Community Resource Organizer. In December, 2011, he took over as our Administrative Assistant. Hailing from Florida, Corey can break out in salsa, bachata, and merengue dancing in a moment’s notice. Corey is learning to cook and so far has succeeded with staff lunches – good thing for us! Also, he loves office supplies!

Anna Fai

Anna joined ATC as one of our new Outreach Counselors in November of 2011. As a San Francisco native, she is excited to do youth outreach in her home city. When she’s not shopping or reading Gardening For Dummies, Anna loves to travel. From what we’ve heard, she’s a skilled Rugby player, so don’t touch her Thai food or candy unless you’re ready for some trouble. Above all, she is committed to community development, and completely stoked to be part of our team!

Shawn Garety

Shawn joined ATC’s staff in 2004 as an Outreach Counselor, and is now our Program Manager, and is otherwise known as the Staff Mom. Shawn may have a fondness for European pharmacies, but if you ask her about “football”, she’s all about her Niners, being a life-long San Franciscan. She’s also got the best decorated desk in the office, although the competition is not exactly fierce.

Rob Gitin

As co-founder and Executive Director, Rob has been with ATC from its inception. He’s got the gray hairs to prove it. Don’t let his “right-on”s and “for sure”s fool you – this guy is straight out of Brooklyn, though after 18 years on the West Coast, it is getting harder and harder for him to claim New York. You can find him at Starbucks, the Farmers Market, hanging with his niece and nephew, or hiking in the Headlands when not at our office.

Joey Hess

Joey joins ATC as one of the new Outreach Counselors. He is a southern gentleman from North Carolina who loves southern cooking, music, and dressing up like Elvis for Halloween. His sense of style, humor, and facial hair are impeccable. Living in San Francisco has always been a dream of his and he is super excited to have an opportunity to work for an organization like ATC.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren joined ATC in January 2013 as our newest Outreach Counselor after working as a health educator, crisis interventionist, and youth advocate. She enjoys eating vegan mac and cheese, roller skating, and playing her accordion (although not all at same time!) When Lauren’s not at ATC, you can usually find her trying to befriend pitbull puppies at the dog park. Although she loves living in the Bay, she will always be a Midwesterner at heart.

Tori Talavera

Tori joined ATC as an outreach counselor in 2004, and worked with ATC for the next 3 years. In 2007, she made the ill-fated decision to leave. Fortunately for Tori and ATC, she returned in 2011 to assume the role of Associate Director! Tori has a super busy life: eating rabbit food, roller-skating, loving on her cats, running a trivia night every Tuesday… the list goes on and on. Oh, and did we mention that she also fights crime? If your wallet is ever stolen, you better hope Tori is around.

The ATC Family Board

Channa Bannis (Acting Treasurer)

Channa is the Director of Marketing at Aravo Solutions, Inc, which provides Supplier Lifecycle Management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. She has done extensive work with homeless youth, which includes establishing the Boston chapter of StandUp for Kids, which named her national leader of the year. Channa has also worked on the Board of Directors and acted as the Marketing Director for African Voices Communications.

Kathryn Corro

Kathryn is the founder of ZangZing, a San Francisco-based photo-sharing startup website. She has been a principal at Rockpoint Group and was involved with The Echoing Green (EG) Foundation’s Social Investment Council; EG was ATC’s initial funder. Kathryn has an adorable new baby Sierra, a world-class storyteller father, and loves the outdoors! She brings a wealth of compassion and integrity to our board.

Mary Gregory

Mary is vice-president and a senior program officer at Pacific Foundation Services, which provides administrative, program, accounting, and record-keeping services to family foundations. She has been a volunteer, board member, board president, staff member and/or fundraising consultant for approximately twenty different non-profit organizations. In 1997, she founded Mary’s List (www.maryslist.net), a web-based matching service for non-profit organizations that are seeking consultants. Mary lives in San Francisco with her husband Dan and her Labrador, Sazerac.

Avner Lapovsky

Avner is currently co-principal of the wholesale interior design showroom, Sloan Miyasato, which has been a fixture in San Francisco for the past two decades. He has been involved with ATC for several years, and in 2003 organized a birthday fundraising party that raised over $20,000. He has also connected ATC with several other supporters. In addition to his work for ATC, Avner volunteered for a year with SF Aids Foundation on the aids hot line, and volunteered with the SF library to deliver books to the AIDS ward at Laguna Honda Hospital.

Jessi Prue

Jessi is an associate with the Nonprofit Finance Fund where she provides consulting services to funders and nonprofits throughout the United States. She recently completed her first Ironman Triathlon and aims to do a marathon on all seven continents. Jessi has made a significant impact assisting with ATC’s financial reporting and controls. She does a millions things at once and makes it look easy.

Marc Vogl (Board Chair)

Marc is currently a philanthropic and fundraising consultant. He is the former Executive Director of Bay Area Video Coalition, and a former program officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Marc served on the San Francisco Arts Task Force and Barack Obama’s National Arts Policy Committee and was a founder and former Executive Director of Killing My Lobster, a San Francisco comedy, theater, and film company.

The ATC Family Volunteers

Volunteers are the fuel that powers ATC. We can’t possibly profile all 300 of them, but each and every one of them is amazing.